2013 Green Harbor Village Harvestfest Crafters & Artisans Contact Info

Below is a list of the crafters and artisans who participated in this year's Green Harbor Harvestfest.  We appreciate your participation and hope you had a successful day.  Thank you for again for your donation to our Green Harbor Village Harvestfest raffle.  Your generosity helped make it a success.  We hope to see you again next year!


Abigail Bag Company - abigail@abigailsbagcompany.com

Bonnie Templeman - Shaklee Wellness, Green Cleaning Products - www.btempleman.myshaklee180.com

Bruce Warren - Seashell items - bfwarren1@peoplepc.com

Carol & Jack Sullivan - South Shore Watercolors - csullivan101@comcast.net

Dale Tucker - Tuccelli Confections - www.marshmallowtemptations.com

Dean Crumlish Craft Art & Gems - dcrumlish@gmail.com

Derith Meyer - Blue Heron Arts - tdnksc@gmail.com

Elizabeth Pink Weber & Maryellen Sinatra - Pea Pear - shoplizpink@gmail.com

Heather King -4kDesign-Tees - jhking100@verizon.net

Joan DiGiacomo - J and D Crafts - jdigbeach@aol.com

Joyce Proctor - Do You Bake? - proctorgang@verizon.net

Juli Grzybala - Cretinons Farmstand & Photography - jgrzybala@hotmail.com

Karen Cedrone-Harris - Splashings - www.splashings.etsy.com

Laurie & Greg Wheeler - Fancy Ropewoks by Miss Laurie - lauriewheeler07@gmail.com

Linda Weber - Sand Piper Crafts - sandpipercrafts@verizon.net

Marie Zaccagnini & Kate Pride - Velvet Stars - velvetstars@rocketmail.com

Patty Johnston - Costume Jewelry & Misc. items - patty4oil@comcast.net

Paula Keif - Green Koala - www.greenkoala.net

Peg Davis - Jewelry & Assorted Items - igep21@gmail.com

Phil Fontaine - Wind Chimes & Assorted Items - spstudiofontaine@yahoo.com

Roberta Campbell - Stain Glass - roberta.campbell@mail.com

Sarah Guilfoyle - Town Pride Apparel - townprideapparel@gmail.com

Sarah Nobles - Momo Mono Boutique - monomonoboutique@gmail.com

Susan Baracchini - Personal Photo Organizer & Creative Memories Consultant - susanbcmc@verizon.net

Susan Stokinger - Knitted Mittens - sstokinger@aol.com

Tracey Fleming - BeachScapes by Tracey - traceyf01@aol.com



A great blog from "Recipe Boy"  Thank you for the kind words about The Genny, Recipe Boy!  Your recipes look awesome!  We hope to see you again soon in Green Harbor!



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