Yes, we're really a 100 year-old plus working General Store!  Lovingly called "The Genny!"  Our village's finest spot for fresh, homemade food & soups and delicious deli sandwiches.   Our customers say we have the coldest beer on the planet! 

    Visitors come from far and wide and our locals drop by to pick up people food, pet food, baby diapers - all the things you go to a quickmart for with soooooo much more!

    Come in. Meet our great staff.  Say "Hi" and grab a bite to eat or a hidden gem from our wine collection.  You just could be amazed. 

    Sign up for our email list and we'll let you know when the fun stuff happens throughout the year.  Or even better, "Like" us on our Green Harbor General Store Facebook page!  We do several fun events to support our local community and charities. 

    If you live in town (or if you're just passing through) come by and sit on the porch with a friend and watch the world go by.  If you are on your way to the beach or the boat, we are just a quick walk away from both, stop by for your supplies!

    Yes, that's us up on the right side of the banner.  We hope to see you soon.  We are always happy to see you!



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General Store draws neighborhood together

09/12/2011 12:43
“It is a rite of passage for children to be able to walk to the Genny by themselves,” said Deborah Habel, co-owner of the Green Harbor General Store. “That’s when they have become a real Green Harbor...
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